General Questions

How long is our contract?

Ranges from 1 month to 12 months – it will be specified in the License Agreement.

How can I pay the License Fee?

License Fee can be paid monthly or prepaid (Extra discounts for prepaying!)
Payment methods include cheques, cash, bank transfers and EPS.

How safe are we?

We prioritise our customers’ safety: we have 24-7 CCTV system, as well as secure fire alarm facilities. In addition, our staffs are committed to inspecting every storage unit regularly.

What sizes of storage units do we offer?

We offer different sizes of units, ranging from 6 SF to 100 SF to suit different customers’ needs.

What service do we provide?

Other than the storage unit, we also offer bookshelves, fileshelves, and clothing storages. In addition, we provide the mailbox service for personal mails and business mails (BR required) to be received plus stored safely.

Tenant’s Questions

Any prohibited items in the storage unit?

Not to keep or store or cause or permit or allow any of the following items in the Unit:

1). Plants, animals, or any other living creatures.

2). Fresh, perishable, or any other items causing hygiene problems.

3). Flammable items including oil, solvents, and chemical raw materials.

4). Explosive items including firecrackers, gunpowder, gas, and weapons.

5). Items endangering the public, such as chemicals, radioactive items, biochemicals, toxic waste.

6). Anything that emits odor, noise, or vibration.

7). Items that are unethical, prohibited, or illegally obtained.

What are the procedures to withdrawing from the storage unit?

Simply notify us by email, phone call, SMS, or in writing 14 days in advance. Our staffs will confirm your application of withdrawal of service by email and prepare the relevant documents on the day of withdrawal. Thus, the condition of the storage unit will be checked.

Do I have to pay a deposit for renting a storage unit?

Yes, customers will be charged 2 months’ license fee (at original price). The deposit will be 100% returned within 30 days after inspection of the storage unit has gone through.

Can I switch to a larger storage unit after moving in?

Yes, if you find the storage space not large enough and we have available storage units suiting your need, we are happy to provide you with an alternative one, and will exempt the administrative fee for first time’s switch of unit.

Do I pay extra if I move out after the contract period?

Yes, if the exceeded period is less than one week, you will still have to pay for one week extra. For example, if you move out 11 days after the contract period, you will have to pay two weeks extra according to the original price of the license fee. The amount will be deducted from the deposit to be returned.

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