🏡 Transferring from another mini-storage urgently? We offer FREE TRANSPORT for your goodies! 😍

I believe everyone living in a hustle and bustle city like Hong Kong has similar ideal lives, which is to pursuit a stable life, with the least unpredictable changes possible 😬? However, not everything in the world is perfect: If you encounter a mini-storage closure or forced eviction, and is in a hurry to find another mini-storage for your valuable goodies, I FEEL YOU 😩!

If you ever encounter any of the above problems (I hope not…), we can help you solve your troubles! Other than situated in ✨ Self-Owned Properties ✨ (So you don’t need to worry about forced eviction anymore), we are also delighted to offer you 🚗 FREE TRANSPORTATION FOR YOUR GOODIES 🚗! Problem solved 💯!

All of our branches are relatively close to MTR stations, which is absolutely convenient! 🚀

Please stop hesitating! Call our hotline via ☎️+852 2345 9345 or Whatsapp us via +852 6533 9065 to book for a visit now! ⭐️

*Terms and conditions are subject to the rules, please call or visit in person for more information.
*345 Storage reserves the right to make all the final decisions.

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