🏑 Transferring from another mini-storage urgently? We offer FREE TRANSPORT for your goodies! 😍

I believe everyone living in a hustle and bustle city like Hong Kong has similar ideal lives, which is to pursuit a stable life, with the least unpredictable changes possible 😬? However, not everything in the world is perfect: If you encounter a mini-storage closure or forced eviction, and is in a hurry to find another mini-storage for your valuable goodies, I FEEL YOU 😩!

If you ever encounter any of the above problems (I hope not…), we can help you solve your troubles! Other than situated in ✨ Self-Owned Properties ✨ (So you don’t need to worry about forced eviction anymore), we are also delighted to offer you πŸš— FREE TRANSPORTATION FOR YOUR GOODIES πŸš—! Problem solved πŸ’―!

All of our branches are relatively close to MTR stations, which is absolutely convenient! πŸš€

Please stop hesitating! Call our hotline via β˜ŽοΈ+852 2345 9345 or Whatsapp us via +852 6533 9065 to book for a visit now! ⭐️

*Terms and conditions are subject to the rules, please call or visit in person for more information.
*345 Storage reserves the right to make all the final decisions.

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