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Why do I need "File Storage"?

According to the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Chapter 112 Section 51c), all business records must be kept for at least 7 years
345 Storage strives to provide customers with great quality, safe, guaranteed storage services
We promise to provide customers file storage services with the following features:
24-7 air-conditioning
24-7 CCTV & Security Monitoring
Complies with the latest fire protection guidelines
One-Stop Solution
Exterminate insects regularly

Service Features

  • After several months of design, R&D, and trials, we have successfully launched a file box that is most convenient for our valued customers. Customers can choose to use our boxes or their own.
  • In order to manage all file boxes stored by our customers accurately and effectively, we use SAP to manage the warehouse, plus attach independent labels to each box.
  • We promise to provide an exclusive fire compensation, all because we care about our customers and their valued items.

How it works

  1. Contact our service department team via hotline/WhatsApp/E-mail
  2. Our service department staff will offer the best quotation catered to your storage needs, including storage duration, amount, and other services needed
  3. You may choose to sign the contract at our office or online (please provide your BR & proof of address, valid for at least 3 months from the contract date)
  4. Our transportation team will send new file storage boxes to your designated location according to your designated date and time (if you choose to use our boxes)
  5. You may choose to pack the files upon the arrival of boxes (1 hour max), or arrange for a pick-up later (no more than 1 week from the initial date)
  6. Our transportation team will deliver your file storage boxes back to our warehouse for storage
  7. Shall you have the need to retrieve your file boxes, please request an appointment via hotline/WhatsApp/E-mail (at least 2 working days prior)

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